Enhanced Technical Textile Solutions        

We are well aware and capable of  answering the needs of today’s market.

Gentuğ Textile is the main and the most reliable technical textile manufacturer in Turkey, providing high quality products to the worldwide markets.

Established in 1917 Gentuğ Textile entered into technical textile business in 1987 by trading and serving its customers as representatives of worldwide leading groups in the Woven and Non-Woven Interlining Industry.

As a result of constantly updating and changing to suit new conditions, investing in new technology, applying the latest innovations in our business strategy, we have been playing a leading role in the rapidly growing Technical Textile Industry with our extensive range of products.

Being a manufacturer and reliable supplier of various types of technical textile products, we are well aware and capable of answering needs of today’s market. Serving the perfect quality, quick and efficient operations, supplying tailored solutions to the industrial needs and continuous development are our main quality principles that are fully accepted by our well-educated staff.