Enhanced Technical Textile Solutions        


Gentuğ manufactures a vast array of products for the automotive industry over a decade.

Our affinity to follow strict guidelines and procedures assures standarized quality. We put a high value on the traceability of the production. From raw material entry to final goods delivery, each process of the production is checked and documented by our in-house professional quality management team comprised of Quality Assurance Manager and Quality Inspectors.

Our knitted, nonwoven fabrics or coated and laminated products offer a wide range of application possibilities in the automotive industry.

Our products are used in the following applications:
Head liners, parcel shelf, trunk floor, trunk trim, main floor carpeting and etc.

Nonwoven materials for automotive industry meet all the customers’ demands, such as:

  • Attractiveness
  • Durability
  • Mouldability
  • Fire resistance
  • Oil- and grease resistance, water repellency

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