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The Full Care™ protectors cover the mattress and prevent bed bugs and eggs from penetrating into the mattress.

Why Full Care Protectors?

Bed Bug Protection

Mattresses offer the perfect habitat for bed bugs. The Full Care™ protectors covers the mattress and prevent bed bugs and eggs from penetrating into the mattress. A previously infested mattress can also be covered. Bed bugs and eggs are trapped inside and die because they no longer have a human food source to feed upon.

Prevents Allergies and Ensures Hygiene

Mattresses attract dust, pollen and dander where dustmites live from. The dustmites living in our mattresses cause allergic symptoms such as stuffiness, sneezing, running nose and itchy skin and eyes. The Full Care™ protector provides with the Full Care Guard™ polyurethane barrier the necesarry protection for allergy relief from mattress intruders. The barrier is waterproof and breathable; providing protection against liquids like spoiled drinks, sweat, urine and blood getting into the mattress providing a healthy sleep environment and ensuring durable hygiene of the mattress.

Complete Enclosed Mattress Protection

Full Care™ protectors completely encloses your mattress and pillows. The protector traps allergens from escaping and prevents bed bugs and dustmits from entering your mattress. It is not necesssary to wash the protector unless it becomes soiled. The protector serves as a ‘permanent skin’ protecting your mattress. On the protector you should use fitted and flat sheets. The 3-sided protector is machine wash/tumble dry at 60°C / 140°F.

Breathable Waterproof Barrier Fabric

Air permeability is a key factor in comfort. If the material is not breathable, the body will not be able to breath through the protector and you will become warm and uncomfortable. Full Care™ fabrics are custom woven, smooth and comfortable.


Build-in Sanitized hygiene function in the protectors blocks the development of dustmites an their allergens. Sanitized also prevents mold spots and unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and fungi.

Six-legged Insect as a Pest

Bedbugs are a pest, they can be carrier of the plague agent and the Hepatitis B virus.

Test Certificate



Gentuğ’s Bed Bug protection formula shows an excellent degree of effectiveness particularly because reproduction is successfully blocked at an early stage and a possible adjustment of the bedbugs to new surroundings and/or conditions is so inhibited.