Enhanced Technical Textile Solutions        

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Gerede Factory

Computer-controlled machines with the highest technical standards, nonstop production seven days a week and highly motivated employees guarantee monthly production of approx. 3,500,000 m². Knitting, dyeing, raising, quilting, slitting, sewing and packaging departments followed by state of the art modern coating and lamination lines our capabilities cater to a wider range of areas such as: Home Textile, Medical Textile, Automotive… All the products you see in our range are produced by us without leaving our facilities. We have the sole responsibility and control on our production. Here, at Gerede we offer an integrated production system for efficient and high quality production.

  • Knitting Our Knitting department offers a wide range of cotton, polyester, polyamide or blend knits for industries such as:
  • Weft Insertion, Stitch Reinforcing Our Weft Insertion, machine from Liba offers technical textile solutions especially for automative, healthcare and coated tapes sectors.
  • Warping Warper with a maximum number of ends for 600 cones
  • Dyeing All the fabrics are dyed at our facilities with our pilot dyeing machine we can offer smaller batches of special colours for trials or final orders.
  • Stender Frame Gentug possesses a modern stenter frame with coating-padder, IR-predreyer and bow straightener. The twin air stenter has an integrated heat exchanger, which reduces in a environmentally friendly way the consumption of energy.
  • Coating & Lamination Coating & Lamination
  • Fabric Preparation – Quilting, Embroidery, Slitting, Belt Cutting As a part of our vertical integrated production flow we offer Quilting, Raising, Embroidery, Slitting and Belt Cutting.
  • Sewing & Packaging Gentug has been supplying the European healthcare and retail sector with finished products for many years now.