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Incontinence Underwear for Boys (50 ml)

Incontinence Underwear for Boys
Light Absorbency – Max. 50 ml.

Caretex is a reusable incontinence panties with an innovative and breathable layer sewn right in to the gusset, replacing the need to use disposiable pads or panty liners.

Caretex washable underwear provide a brand new solution for you to feel dry, clean and comfortable.

Caretex panties are made of a skin friendly light, soft cotton fabric. They look, feel, fit exactly like underwear, because they are real underwear.

There is no need to use a separate pad thanks to built in absorbent leak protection.

The wings surrounding the absorbent area will protect your clothes against any leakage and stains leaving you feeling dry, clean and comfortable.

With Caretex Absorbent and Protective underwear, you feel dry, clean and comfortable all day long.

  • Holds up to 50 ml of fluid throughout the day
  • Absorbing perspiration while exercising or running
  • Keeps you dry, discreet and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-bacterial and breathable – prevents odours, naturally deodorizes
  • High quality design and premium manufacture
  • Soft cotton fabric feels like a regular underwear
  • Low waist fits perfectly to the body allowing easy movement
  • Eco friendly and cost saving over time because they are non-disposiable

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