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Easywipe Çift Yönlü-Elastik PU Yastık Koruyucu

Easy Wipe™ is made of PU coated pes jersey fabric that prevents micro wrinkles. Total weight ranges from 120g/m2 to 300g/m2 or more; The polyurethane coated bi-stretchable (stretchable in both directions) jersey fabric with the special finishing eliminates the risks of micro wrinkles thus the threat of Decubitus..

Easy Wipe™ as stated in the name is a wipe down complete barrier for blood, infusion liquids and urine. Maybe the most important characteristics of the Easy Wipe™ are breathability and vapor permeability; (both are natural characteristics of PU) eliminating the chances of sweating and dew formation on the pillow protector. The pillow protector is at least 100 times.

Weight 120gr/m2-300gr/m2
Closure Zipper
Weave Circular Knitted Polyester Fabric
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