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Thermoadhesive Nets & Films

Tugfix is a range of thermo fusible adhesives products. It is currently used by major garment manufacturers all over the world for following purposes:

Reinforcing operations: The adhesive avoids the textile to fray; it reinforces the sewing.

Pre-positioning operation: Fusing the fabrics together lightly enables quick and perfect stitching.

Bonding instead of sewing: Blind stitching becomes unnecessary with the use of Tugfix It increases productivity.

Achieving a high quality presentation and keeping a good finish even after several domestic or industrial washing:

Tugfix used for the garment industry has washing properties up to 40°C and can be dry cleaned.

Tugfix nets, webs and films are easy to use. The rolls are delivered slitted to the customers’ need, from 0.7 cm to 200 cm width.

There are two ways of applying the thermoadhesive:

The thermoadhesive is delivered on silicone paper: Simply fuse Tugfix tape onto the cloth through the paper with an iron, steam or electric press. Then peel off the paper and cover with the other fabric by fusing again.

The thermoadhesive is delivered without backing: Tugfix is directly inserted by band or with the sewing stitch in the part to be bonded and it is fused in once in the fabric, by iron or press.

Available Structures:



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