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Abso Eco Reusable Underpad

ABSO ECO is a Reusable Underpad containing 4 functional layers laminated to each other. The first layer of ECO ABSO is made of highly technical yarns that transfer the unwanted liquid to below layers very quickly and dries in a few minutes so that the person lying on it doesn’t feel wet. Later the liquid is locked between the below layers and the penetration to the mattress is avoided. Breathable PU Membrane and fully laminated layers prevent decubitus wounds. ABSO ECO is recommended for home use in case of medium incontinence.

ABSO protects both the patient and the mattress.

Weight 440 gr/m² (± 30 g/m²)
Heavy Incomtinence
Absorption Capacity MSD 1/93 2628.00 ml/m²
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