Enhanced Technical Textile Solutions        

Interlinings are the framework of our clothing. Not visible from the outside, they assure perfect fit and optimum wearing comfort.

Depending on the individual application, they support textile processing, enhance the garments’ functionality and also give them the stability they need. A wide range of Gentug interlinings is available – as fusible and as sew-in interlinings. Gentug is the clothing industry’s reliable partner anywhere in the world, offering customized solutions for the industrial manufacture of clothing.

For the mid- to high-end apparel sector, Gentuğ offers a range of distinct products with the specifications of the various interlining pieces corresponding to the role they will play in each part of the garment: front and lapels, shoulder, pocket, collar, etc.

    Thermobonded Nonwoven Interlining

    Nonwoven interlinings with a weight from 25 g/m² – 70 g/m², including the adhesive dots are an essential part in today’s fashion production – inserted into nearly every type of garment.

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    Woven Interlining

    Our product range includes classical woven interlinings from 20 g/cm². We process the most varied and advanced fiber materials, turning them into superior quality front interlinings for ladies’ and men’s wear as well as fusible and non-fusible interlinings for blouses and shirts.

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    Knitted Interlining

    Interlinings are one of the hidden strengths in apparel manufacturing: they are highly technical, invisible to the eye yet have a major role to play in the shaping and suppleness of a garment. Gentug knitted interlining range from 45 g/cm².to 75 g/cm² is the invisible support behind your garments.

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    Thermoadhesive Nets & Films

    Tugfix is a range of thermo fusible adhesives products. It is currently used by major garment manufacturers all over the world for following purposes:

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    Stitched Reinforced

    Stable stitched reinforced nonwoven interlinings are applied wherever stability and shape-giving support are required. This can be for collar, collar stand, waistband applications.

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    Seam Tapes

    Composite TPU Composite TPU Seam Sealing Tape consists of two layers: A environmental friendly TPU film and a specially developed Hot Melt Adhesive film. 3-Ply Cloth Our 3-Ply Cloth Seam Sealing Tapes are exclusively designed for sealing seams on 3-layers high performance waterproof breathable laminates.

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